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We would like to invite you to come join us on Sunday for our worship and message. We passionately believe God has a hope and a future for your life. We want to give you the opportunity to experience God through powerful worship, relevant Bible teaching and life-changing relationships. So come out to our friendly, relaxed atmosphere, we would love to see you!

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I first attended Calvary Church at the invitation of a friend and immediately fell in love with it! There is more energy and enthusiasm than I've ever seen in any church before and I've attended many.

I'm a much better Christian for coming to church here. Pastor Mike is really good at helping me see my own pride! Sometimes it's downright painful, but it's always right, and I can correct myself because of it. I've attended for about five years now and this year Pastor Mike stepped out and followed God's direction for Life Groups to be formed. What a fun, wonderful, uplifting experience it has been! We get to know each other and we have valuable experiences and sharing. One evening when I had a problem that the Enemy was using to beat me to a pulp, my group prayed over me and gave me great advice. As a result the Enemy had to leave me alone!

So I would happily recommend Calvary to anyone who wants to be closer to the Lord and have a spirit-filled, joyful life!

— Gini

Since I started attending Calvary, some walls have come down and strongholds have been broken. Thank you, Jesus! A combination of teachings on “overcoming strongholds” and the classes I attended, including “Fishers Of Men”, have been a great encouragement for me. With God's help I have been able to overcome strongholds and spend more time in prayer.

It is amazing how you think “Oh, I am doing just fine.” But then, the Lord starts to touch your heart. He has said to me – Apply it to your life, do not just be a hearer. So, I stay in God's Word daily, run the race and stand firm, with His strength!

— Joan, Retired

A little over a year ago, I started attending Calvary on a full time basis. On one Sunday in particular, a woman whom I have known for well over 10 years approached me and said that God had something He wanted her to tell me. I stood there bewildered, but anxious to hear what my God had to say. She stated that she had been praying for me and that he wanted her to tell me that everything I have ever wanted and prayed for would be given to me within the next year and that my year would be filled with pure joy and happiness. I, of course, loved hearing this, so I continued to pray asking God what should I do next. I was instructed to persevere, keep praying and to keep tithing. So I did and the year went on. I had been praying about a possible opening at another higher volume store which would come with a higher yearly salary. Out of the blue one day, I received a call from my boss. She proceeded to tell me that they were going to promote me to this higher volume store. They would normally interview for this type of position, but she felt immediately that I was the right person for that store. She proceeded to tell me, "Oh and by the way it’s a $10,000 a year pay raise. Is this OK?" I of course accepted and immediately called Pastor Mike to tell him the phenomenal news. We both rejoiced and praised God for this opportunity he had opened.

In this same time period, I started dating my future wife Katie. She has been a blessing from God. She loves; me she loves my son; most importantly she loves Jesus. Shortly after the beginning of this year, I proposed and she accepted. We were married April 7th of this year at Calvary. A few days after coming back from our honeymoon I got a phone call from my boss yet again. She proceeded to offer me another promotion. She ended the offer with "by the way its another substantial pay raise is this OK?" I accepted and immediately called my now wonderful wife to tell her the good news. I was in tears and could hardly get it out. But we were both able to rejoice at our new blessing. 2 weeks into May, my boss was visiting my new store. She offered me promotion number 3. She said "we have a new position we have created and it’s a District Training Manager position and we feel you are the right leader to have in place. Oh and by the way it’s another pay raise. Is this OK?" I started crying and praising God out loud in my store. In her amazement, she asked me if everything was OK. I looked at her and said, “Oh yes, I'm OK.” My wife and I have been praying for this for a long time now and God has blessed me with this new position. I immediately called my wife and Pastor Mike and rejoiced in this blessing. Just 2 days later...my wife informed me she was pregnant with our first child. A month after that I was awarded the Manager of the Month award with my company. My cup was running over and I was completely overwhelmed at God's blessings for me and my family.

I am not giving this testimony to brag about everything I have accomplished or to rub it in to those who feel that God doesn’t hear their desires. I am writing this to let those who feel God doesn't hear them know that God DOES hear them and He wants them to keep knocking on His door. Why do I attend Calvary? It's simple really. Not only is it because God has lead me to Calvary, or that I love the praise and worship, or that I love helping out in Children's Church; it's simply because...IT'S HOME!

— Jon, District Training Manager, Radio Shack

I look forward to the Sunday worship, the holy atmosphere that is created by the worship team. It lifts me up like nothing ever before. I have been a Christian for 70 yrs and am blessed like never before.

— Paul, Retired

As with many families, ours found itself struggling with five small children. We were trying to find stability in this financial crisis we know as our Economy.  It wasn't always this way, in early 2007 both my husband and I had jobs that blessed us with the resources to buy our family a new home, new vehicles and all the things we needed to sustain a very comfortable life. Only months later, the economy fell leaving my job stable but cut my husband’s pay at times in more than half of what he was originally making. Our family was growing but our responsibilities were changing, I was working more and more hours to make up the difference and my husband was seeking new strategies at work to make more money. Things just seemed to slowly spin out of control.

In 2010 it seemed we were hanging on by threads, our mortgage slowly started getting behind, our stack of bills was sectioned into piles of what absolutely needed to get paid and what could wait. Our marriage was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression that we allowed ourselves to buy into. All the distractions of our financial world allowed room for the enemy to sneak right in and cause chaos. This chaos caused more division in our marriage than we could have imagined, our church at the time was almost an hour away leaving our spiritual friends and family out of the loop, leaving us empty in so many ways. Every choice seemed to be for survival as the cloud of emptiness became so heavy in our spirits. It allowed us to doubt and lose faith in what was left to our solid ground.  Then 2011 hit us. What we thought could be a new year, became the hardest year we have had to face.

Both of us started the year a bit encouraged. My husband immediately took a new job that brought both of us hope. But the enemy didn't like progress in his plan for us, so his strategy went into full force. This job left me at home with the children as he was constantly traveling. This caused more separation in our marriage but bills started to get paid and things started to be looking up from a worldly point of view. For months we had been working hard to fix our relationship with God but we weren't listening to what he wanted for us. I can't tell you how many times He spoke to me in my dreams, prayer or worship time, telling me to take our family and leave. He showed me that our house was just a house and He would guide us to where He needed us to be. Allowing the doubt from the enemies lies to confuse me, I would often think that there is no way our God would want us to leave our home and everything we had that we worked so hard to obtain and keep over the last couple of years. So, like all of us have done at times, I dismissed His commands.

We had been working for months with the youth from our church when the enemy decided to show his face once again.  I was driving to our kids' grandparent's house to drop them off so that we could attend a grand opening of a youth program, where a good friend was preaching. Just then, my phone rang and it was my husband. He called in tears to inform me that one of the youth kids we had come to love and adore had committed suicide early that morning. Words can't explain the emotion and confusion that was left inside of us.  We struggled to maintain our composure and Christian walk and then the second call came. Three months later, Joe received a call that his childhood friend had done the same, leaving our life and faith empty. A few weeks later, Joe was laid-off from his job and we found ourselves filling out paperwork at the local court house for separation.  The toll of everything had fallen on our shoulders and it was too heavy to bear. Our faith was gone and our spirits were lost.  Our children who we had tried to shelter from the mess began to slowly catch on; it was heart-breaking.

Bills piled higher than ever, we were losing everything and unemployment was not going to fix it. Our marriage seemed to be over as we co-existed in the house that would soon no longer be ours. My husband always had been the prayer warrior of our home but with two tragic deaths and the loss of his job, his prayer life had fallen apart. We now know, however, that God had a plan to use the Devil's plot for good. I fell asleep that night angry and hurt, but I woke that morning with the armor of God covering me and preparing me for battle. He made it very clear that He had told me over and over to leave this place but we had not listened. And He showed me that in order for us to put it all back together, it was going to be a fight that He promised would be won. But the fight itself would not be easy. It started with ripping up the separation papers and calling the court house to cancel our court date. I can't tell you how good that felt, despite the fact that we didn't like each other at the time. Then, God told me that He would provide a job for my husband that would at least provide the resources for us to move. I kept thinking how fast and crazy it all was, but knew in my heart I needed to listen.

Night after night, I found myself filling out applications online and sending out my husband's resume as God was calling me to do. God's Word became my strength and prayer united my relationship with Him. Joe didn't take much interest in any of the new changes until he received a phone call before Christmas that a company in Ocala, FL wanted to interview him.  He seemed hesitant at first, but I scraped together every last penny we had to prepare him for the trip from Templeton, MA to Florida in less than two weeks. God had already told me that this would be the job and Florida would be our location.  God was working fast and His plan was coming to light. It was only a few minutes after the interview that Joe called me to inform me that they offered him the job and he would be starting in just a few short weeks. The drive back from Florida gave him some much needed time away from the distractions and time with his Savior, which he so desperately needed. For the first time in months, there was hope in our marriage, in our future, and most importantly in our walk with God.

It seems like overnight that we packed what we could fit into our van, along with our family of seven, and headed down to start our new life, our new marriage, and most importantly our re-established walk with Jesus Christ.  Arriving in Florida was exciting and scary all at the same time. Starting from scratch in the world was God's plan to draw us closer to Him. With just a few bags of clothes, we began the process of growth for Him and not for us. We had no plan of making the same mistakes all over again, so our trust, faith, purpose and foundation was first in Him and everything else came after. We settled into Hernando and were seeking a church that would encourage our growth, strengthen our spirit and allow us to get plugged in any way that God was calling us to do. We started visiting local churches but we were lacking the peace of the Spirit for us to settle down. One night my husband Googled the area for more local churches and Calvary popped up. He quickly got excited and said, “let’s try this one." I immediately said, “but Joe, our church back home was called Calvary, that is way too much of a coincidence." As we know, our God is not a God of coincidence but a God of purpose. We attended church the very next day to find an overflowing amount of love when we walked through the doors. The wife of the church's Children's Pastor came rushing over to help us and direct us with our five small children; it was amazing. The Spirit of God was everywhere and quickly gave us peace in our hearts that this was our church. Pastor Rairick met with us after service to answer any questions or concerns we had or needed answered.

Over the past five months that we have attended Calvary, we have become part of a wonderful family and body of Christ. We have established many friendships and have already created unforgettable memories. We have been plugged into so many areas that God has called us to be part of. Life Groups, Bible Studies, Praise & Worship, Children's Church and Vacation Bible School have all become an important and much needed parts in our lives. Our marriage, children and life have been given a solid foundation through Christ on which we now stand. Our Testimony has prepared us for our purpose, which God is slowly revealing to us and we are both very excited about. Our purpose is our mission and our mission is to live for God by seeking lost souls and living according to His Word, which Calvary has encouraged us to do. God had a plan for us. With the armor of God and faith the size of a mustard seed, He brought us to another state, a wonderful church and a future with a purpose. I encourage you to get plugged into the body of Christ and to see if Calvary is the church for you. We are not just a church with a Sunday service, but a family that hosts the presence of God through Bible Studies, Life Groups, Children's Church and so many other resources that will help and encourage your walk with God and his plans for your future.

— Joseph & Sarah Williams, Account Relief Manager & Homemaker

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